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Rummy is the most enjoyable Indian Rummy Card Game which is considered as an extension of Gin Rummy and rami . You can play our online circle rummy live with real & worldwide players in a strong Social Indian Rummy Function. Invite and challenge your Facebook friends to join our rummy free game.

How to Play RummyGOAL1. A player’s objective is to make the best combinations of cards in the form of sets or sequences. To win, one needs to declare first and then meld the cards in hand correctly as per the rules of the Rummy game.2. Game is played with two decks of cards consisting of 52 cards and 2 face Jokers each.JOKERS

All cards with the same rank as the card below the closed deck are considered jokers. A joker functions as a substitute to any card.SEQUENCES

A sequence consists of three or more cards of the same suit in order.A PURE SEQUENCE is a sequence without jokers.IMPURE SEQUENCES are sequences that can contain jokersNOTE: IMPURE SEQUENCE is not valid until you have a PURE SEQUENCESETS

Sets are a group of 3 or 4 cards with the same rank but different suits.Sets can contain Jokers.NOTE: Sets are not valid until you have a PURE SEQUENCE and an IMPURE SEQUENCEFINISHTo win game the player must call for a Finish with the following

1st life:pure Squence-no Jokers2nd life: 2nd Squence – Pure or ImpureScore: All 13 cards part of a valid Squence or SetSCOREThe players score is the total value of all the cards and that are not a part of a valid sequence or a set.The objective is to reduce your score to 0 by forming valid sequences and sets

J, Q, K and A have a value of 10
The values of the rest of the card are equal to their rankSCORE: Total value of cards that are not a part of a valid Set or a Sequence.REMEMBER: Lower Score is always better